Support Services

Samaritan House has 3 full time case managers. Our case managers work intensively with folks to ensure that they are saving money, repairing credit, following through on their service plan, and are working to improve their lives.   Our case managers work with all folks who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to assist them with getting and sustaining permanent housing. We provide case management for homeless individuals and families at the shelter, in our transitional housing program, in motels, at campgrounds etc. Individuals and families who are permanently housed receive support services for a minimum of one year to help ensure sustainability. Case managers contact landlords monthly to make sure that folks are paying their rent, not causing problems or damage etc. We have developed good relationships with many area landlords and hope to develop more in 2017.

Click here to learn more about Support Services and Case Management in an educational video.

Case Managers:

  • Lisa Goulette
  • Laurie Murray
  • Deborah Hague