Samaritan House, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports five transitional apartments, a resource center, support services and an emergency shelter, now named Tim’s House, a division of Samaritan House, Inc.

The shelter began providing services to Franklin/Grand Isle Counties in January of 1993. Our building was donated by AN Deringer Inc. in 1998. Samaritan House Inc.’s temporary shelter (Tim’s House) offers a bed, hygiene products, clothing, food, laundry facilities, and access to phones for jobs, entitlements, case management and other support services. The Shelter closes for a few hours in the morning Monday – Friday during the week in good weather, and is open 24/7 on weekends. We have seen a significant increase in the number of women and children that are homeless. Samaritan House, Inc. operates the only emergency shelter and transitional housing programs for homeless folks in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

We began our transitional housing program on April 5, 2006. We started with one apt. and have a total of five transitional apts. to date. Our case managers works intensively with folks to ensure that they are saving money, repairing credit, following through on their service plan, and are working to improve their lives.   Our case managers work with all folks who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to assist them with getting and sustaining permanent housing. We provide case management for homeless individuals and families at the shelter, in our transitional housing program, in motels, and at campgrounds. Samaritan House has become a Shelter plus Care Sponsor, which helps to get our folks who qualify, subsidized housing. We accomplish a great deal with what we have.